Fully Automatic French Fries Production Line


This set of production line is a new type of french fries production line developed by Joyshine. This production line is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, PLC electrical control, high technical content, safe and efficient the bearings are imported stainless steel bearings, electrical appliances. The use of imported brand-nane products, the technical level of domestic leading.


  • 1. French freis process capacity (finished capacity 100kg/h to 2000kg/h),potato chips process capacity(finished capacity 50kg/h to 500kg/h)and work flow can be customized.
  • 2. All equipment are made of SUS304, electrical apparatus element are Schneider brand or CHINT brand.
  • 3. Heating method: Electric heating, Gas heating or Diesel heating (equipped with RIELLO or BALTUR burner), etc.
  • 4. The size of French fries and the thickness of potato chips are adjustable.
  • 5. For French fries line, we have special equipment to remove the unqualified fries.
  • 6. With special designed fryer, quick heating and energy saving, enabled good performance.
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Automatic french fries production line, simply known as automatic french freis line, is consist of a complete of automatic food machinery, ensuring high efficiency and high yield. French fries are found everywhere and they are consumed in vast quantity. It is known that the consistent quality of the fries is determined by quality facilities, and the success of profitable french fries business largely depends on the user-friendly components. Joyshine's automatic frozen french fries production line can help you produce optimum final product with high quality machines. For we are professional designer and manufacturer of lines of french fries with many years of experience. With great innovation in technology and dedication in serving customers, we offer tailored turnkey solutions of french fry lines according to your special needs. Since the first consultation, we are always here to help you. 

Output capacities for choices, frozen french fries production: 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200 kg/h, 300 kg/h, 400kg/h, 500kg/h, 1t/h. Different capacities can be customized based on your own needs. At the same time, we can offer the best suitable solutions to you. 


Work flow

Fresh potato elevator → Potato washing and peeling machine → Unqualified potato picking line → Potato cutter (For French fries cutting/ For potato chips slicing) → Fries Pre-washing elevator with water tank → Unqualified fries picking line → Potato chips and French fries washing machine → Blanching machine →Vibration de-water machine → Continuous frying machine → Vibrating de-oil machine → Freezer → Automatic weighing and packaging machine


frozen french fries production line

Automatic French Fries Making Process and Machine

The fresh potatoes should go through several processes before they are turned into crispy french fries. Here are brief introductions of these processes and machines correspondingly.


Sorting and grading. Sorting and grading suitable potatoes is important for the further processes. Equipped with high technology, our automatic sorting and grading machine can sort and grade the potatoes with great accuracy and real-time adjustment.

Washing and peeling.This washing and peeling process can remove soils and other foreign materials on the potatoes, ensuring clean peeled potatoes ready for next process. Designed with great innovation, our potato washing and peeling machine can wash ans peel the potatoes within single machine, saving the need of extra machine. And our washing and peeling machine can produce peeled potatoes with high efficiency with less damage to the potatoes.
Cutting. In this process, the peeled potatoes are cut into strips with regular shapes. Our potato cutting machine can cut potatoes into strips in an efficient way. Besides, the potato cutting machine also can be adjust in real time so that you can cut the potatoes in your required sizes.
Blanching. The blanching process can remove extra starch on the potato strips, preserve their desired color, and eliminate potential bacteria. Our french fries blanching machine is equipped with temperature and time setting, so that the potato strips are blanched in a though way while at the same time save water.
De-watering. After the blanching process, the potato strips are enriched with water. It is necessary to remove the extra water so that the potato strips become crispy after being fried. Our de-watering machine will dry the potato strips in an even way with less energy consumption.
Frying. In our automatic french fries line, the continuous frying machine is used. It is designed in such a genius way that it uses water and oil in an energy efficient way. Besides, the fryer is equipped with temperature and time setting so that the potato strips are fried in a consistent high temperature for a controlled period of time. You should set the frying time until french fries are fries until half fried.
De-oiling and cooling. After being fired, the potato strips are covered with oil and are still in high temperature. To make them crispy and crunchy, de-oiling and cooling is necessary. Our de-oiling and cooling machine will remove the extra oil and cool the strips down in a both time and energy efficient way.
Freezing process. This process can freeze french fries by freezing machine as soon as possible. Then you can package them quickly.
Packaging. It is the final stage of french fries making line. Packaging not only can protect the final product, but also make it easy to transport them. Our packaging machine can pack the french fries quickly and efficiently, with less labor costs.
Product handling. Throughout the whole process, potatoes and potato strips are transported from one process into another by hoppers, conveyors and so on. Designed and manufactured with great care, our product handling machines can ensure the smooth and safety transportation of the products with less energy consumption.

French Fries Plant Cost

The costs of French fries line are determined by several factors, such as raw materials, fees of licence location acquisition, labor costs and costs of french fries making machine. And the costs of machines can be a large part of total costs. As mentioned above, there are different kinds of French fries production lines available, for frozen French fries as well as packaged french fries for shelves. And there are also different kinds of machines for processing line of french fries. So the prices differ for each french fries line or even different machines. However,whatever manufacturing plants you want for your fries, you can always enjoy a competitive price from us without comprising on quality. To get the exact prices, you can contact us with your desired solutions. If you don't have professional team to design the plant site layout, we will offer free service to you. 


frozen french fries making line

Frozen French Fries Production Line Manufacturer about Joyshine

Joyshine Machinery is a professional designer and manufacturer of French fries plant. With great expertise and dedicated workers, our company are dedicated to constant innovations, improving our technology to make even better French fries making machines. We are customer-oriented company, regarding the needs of customers as our priority. French fries processing line in our company consists of whole set of machines, which are all made of high quality stainless steel to meet hygienic standards. All the potatoes are processes carefully in each process, ensuring high yield of premium French fries. As a reliable manufacturer, we can also offer customized solutions for your French fries production line. For a reliable process line is a great factor for the success of your french fries making business.


  • 1. French fries process capacity (finished capacity 100kg/h to 2000kg/h)and work flow can be customized.
  • 2. All equipment are made of SUS304, electrical apparatus element are Schneider brand or CHINT brand.
  • 3. Heating method: Electric heating, Gas heating or Diesel heating (equipped with RIELLO or BALTUR burner), etc.
  • 4. The size of French fries are adjustable.
  • 5. For French fries line, we have special equipment to remove the unqualified fries.
  • 6. With special designed fryer, quick heating and energy saving, enabled good performance.
  • 7. High efficiency. The automation of complete french fries production lines increases efficiency in every aspect, such as energy efficiency and economic efficiency.
  • 8. User-friendly operation. Since the complete line for french fires is consist of automatic processing machines as well as control systems, it is easy for operators to monitor the whole processing of french fries. And this can ensure the smooth operation of the production line for long time with more profits.
  • 9. Durability and hygiene. All the machines in our automatic french fries processing line are made of robust stainless steels. On one hand, this will make our production lines durable enough to work for long time. On the other hand, this will ensure the hygiene and safety of the end product.
  • 10. Easy maintenance. Except for the high quality materials, our machines in the french fries line are designed and manufactured in innovative ways. So it is easy to do the maintenance work with less down time, while at the same time ensure the safety of final product.
  • 11. Customized turnkey solutions. A suitable production line is a key factor in successful french fries making business. With rich experience and professional engineers, we can offer tailored solutions of complete french fries line to meet your specific needs.

potato chips and french fries plant process






Elevating Conveyor

1 set


Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

1 set


Picking Line

1 set


Potato Cutting Machine/french fries cutting machine 

1 set


Potato sticks pre washing machine

1 set


Chips roller picking machine

1 set


Bubble Washing Machine

1 set


Blanching Machine

1 set


Air Drying Machine

1 set


Elevating Conveyor

1 set


Continuous Belt Frying Machine

1 set


Vibrating Deoiling Machine

1 set


Air Drying Machine

1 set


Elevating Conveyor

1 set


Freezing Machine

1 set


Automatic Packing Machine

1 set



1. Our automatic french fries production line is suitable for french fries business with large capacity needs. For customers who want to produce large quantity of french fries, our complete automatic line for fries is the best suitable solution for you. In other words, our automatic potato strip production line can serve as an industrial type of production line, producing optimum french fries with huge capacity. Whether you want to build new french fries line with large production capacity or improve the production capacity with your existing line, we are always here as an experienced manufacturer.

2. It can process all kinds of fruit and vegetables, especially root vegetables.



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