Automatic Poultry Slaughtering Line

Product Advantage:

  • 1.The equipment is made of stainless steel, which conforms to the food hygiene standard.
  • 2.The closed box structure is adopted to minimize steam loss.
  • 3.In order to avoid scalding the bird body, heat exchange is offered.
  • 4.It can get more even water temperature and fully immersed soup by mechanical pneumatic and double stirring.
  • 5.High capacity for your needs and customized service is possible.
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1. Quality material: Commercial 304 stainless steel
2. Control box: High torque control accuracy, wide speed range, overload, overpressure and other multiple guarantees.

1. Bloodletting table:  The 21-cone bloodletting table is used for collecting blood and then prepares for scalding. 

2. Scalding pool: The machine is an important equipment of poultry-stripping before scalding. It is driven by the motor to work. Therefore, it can help you reduce labor cost. 

3. Plucking machine: The machine is a fine depilator for poultry slaughtering line. It adopts chain drive to realize relative rotation of the upper and lower depilation rollers. The distance between them can be adjusted to meet the needs of chicken and ducks. 

4. Receivting table: Mainly be used for putting duck or chicken down orderly

5. Evisceration table: This is a semi-automatic evisverating/gutting device. This plate can be rotated. It equips with moveable wheels. At the same time, the wheels can be locked when you are working.

6. Poultry cutting machine: It is used for cutting pieces of poultry or other products. The blades are rotated by electricity. In addition, it is equipped with an adjusting system to cut products with different requirements. 

7. Chicken gizzard deoiler: It is usded to remove the oil on the gizzard and remove the yellow skin after cutting chicken feet. The rotate is driven by the motor to rotate, so that chiceken feet can move in a spiral motion in the cylinder. 

8. Gizzard peeling machine:  Single person operation is  possible. There are the waste outlet and motor and transmission part. The gizzard waster will be discharged from this outlet. Its capacty is 150kg/h.


  • 1. The material is made of high- quality stainless steel with anti-rust paint, durable.
  • 2. High power motor to ensure production efficiency, power saving and durable to ensure production quality.
  • 3. Reduce labor cost and high work efficiency 
  • 4. Easy to operate and maintance


1000pcs/h automatic poultry slaughtering line 

Name  Scalding pool Plucker Cutter Gizzard deoiler Gizzard peeler
Voltage 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V
Dimension  1700*700*950mm 1650*1260*1150mm 535*575*675mm 1050*630*915mm 750*550*750mm



1. It can be used in small scale and big poultry slaughtering plant. 
2. It is suitable for duck, chicken, goose, pigeon etc.


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