800-1000kg Automatic Ginger Cleaning Air Line

November 29, 2021

RFQ was quoted on March 27, and the customer responded on April 10, asking for 800-1000kg automatic ginger cleaning air line. He gave me a quotation from another supplier in Henan, and gave me the mailbox, so I can quote according to that configuration. Seeing that configuration, it feels unreasonable at first, because it is an ordinary roller brush washing machine,  which requires manual feeding and discharging. It is not fully automatic. However, if the customer asked to quote according to that configuration, I quoted him the price first and told the him that we have exported our machines to Peru, sent him a payment slip for Peruvian customers that had already been traded. Meantime, I asked for the client's WhatsApp.

After the price was quoted, the customer was worried that the cleaning of the brush roller would damage the ginger. After further inquiry and communication, I realized that he asked for only cleaning and not peeling. The customer sent a few pictures of his ginger. It looked that the skin was thin, so I did not recommended to use brush rollers, it need to change the plan. After communicating with Mr. Ding, the new plan is 6 meters of bubble washing machine+ 6 meters of high pressure spray cleaning + 4 meters of air drying line + 4 meters of double picking line. After re-quoting the new solution, the customer sent another quotation from another Tianjin supplier. The price was cheap and the 4-meter equipment was used. I told the customer that the 4-meter output could not be reached, but the customer asked to quote the 4-meter equipment according to that quotation. Knowing the current position, the customer has contacted at least 3 suppliers and all of them used pictures from Chaoyue. I was anxious to place the order.

Due to the epidemic, we company said that it would take two weeks to work at the factory, and told the customer that we were the factory and invited him a video call. The customer said that another company had already taken a video call with him and sent a video of their factory, I made an appointment with the customer to see our factory. At that time, there were three people participated in the video call with me, the customer, the technology and their boss. After video call at the factory, the customer was very puzzled, why do the same equipment come from different factories? Explain to the customer that we had previously cooperated with Gelgoog They were a trading company and bought equipment from us. Now they don’t cooperate with us, but they are still using our pictures to make quotations for customers. From the video, It can be seen that their factory is very empty and there is almost no equipment. It is in sharp contrast with our factory video. The customer finally understands. When we communicated here, the customer compared our price with another company in Tianjin. Since this Tianjin company is a trading company and we are a factory, why is our price more expensive than theirs? The quotation of that company was really low. I couldn't understand why it quoted such a low price, so I had to explain to the customer: As a trading company, their price is lower than our factory price. Do you dare to risk buying this equipment? Many companies use our pictures for quotation, but after the transaction they purchase equipment from small factories, so the price is particularly low. Our equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel! Finally, some discounts were given to the customers, after repeated communication and explanation, the final deal was made!

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